Our Beloved Prophet SAW

A muslim is constantly faced with numerous challenges especially in today’s world which is almost fully westernised in people’s way of thinking and the lifestyle that comes with it. In today’s very fast moving world, many Muslims could claim that there is no time for them to read The Qur’an, or to perform proper fardh (obligatory) prayers leave alone any further voluntary or Sunnah  prayers. Many sisters would claim that in this world you cant realy observe proper hijab and expect to be treated equally as other women at the workplace or  in the world outside in general. Many could say that in today’s world you cant get married to a peerson without knowing who they really are. You could claim that as a woman you cant just get married and be a  home maker, you have to get out there and work to help your husband earn something decent for the family. You could claim that as a young Muslim you do not have the facilities and the economic ability to do your nikah and complete half of your deen at the age of twenty or twenty three, you have to study and work first.

With all the excuses we can give there is still room for us to practice our deen properly. It has been done before. We are lucky we have the guidance of The Qur’an, Our noble Prophet  (SAW),  The Sahabas and Islamic Scholars. We have references and examples to follow.
No matter how difficult it is to be a good proper fully fledged Muslim in today’s world, we should remember Allah’s (SWT) promises the promise of hell for the wrongdoers who wont repent and jannah for those who perform righteous deeds, refrain from doing wrong and seek Allah’s forgiveness constantly.

We should remember that on yaumul qiyamah The Prophet (SAW) will be given a chance to ask Allah to forgive his (SAW’s) ummah. When all the other prophets will be asking Allah to have mercy on their nafs. Anyone who will go to the other prophets, Adam A.S, Musa A.S , and finally to Isa A.S, but he will say to them, “Today Im begging Allah on behalf of my own nafs. Go to The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and ask him to pray for you.  When they go to the Prophet(SAW) He will say. ”This is my day.” Because Allah SWT reserved yaumul Qiyamah for his most beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) that The Prophet (SAW) will be granted his wish. And he (SAW) will go up in the front and Prostrate before Allah (SWT) and Allah will ask him to state his request, and The Prophet will be asking Allah to forgive the Muslim  Ummah. Our beloved Prophet will be granted his wish. Eventually anyone in the fire of jahannam who ever even just uttered La Illaha il Allah will be removed from the nar of jahannam. All because of Our Prophet’s request. Look at the amount of love our noble Prophet has for us. Before we were born He (SAW) would stand in salah all night long crying to Allah (SWT) for us, for our sake, for our iman for our nafs. Look at what he will do for us on yaumul qiyamah. He will not only pray for his parents, friends, beloved wives or children but for the whole ummah. Anyone who ever believed him. Anyone who said La illaha il Allah. Will you be among them? Or will you be among those who will have no one to ask Allah for forgiveness on their behalf? Oh Muslim you are dearly loved by The best of creation (SAW). The most beloved Prophet of Allah SWT. Yet how do we repay The man who loved us more than our own parents ever have or ever will?
Do we honour him (SAW) whenever his name is mentioned by sending salawaats? Do we praY and send salawaats upon him on fridays especially? Do we obey and follow his teachings? Do you love him so much that you cant stand going against what he forbade? Do we follow his sunnah or do we follow our own desires?

New Muslimah

As a new born child, a kid is helpless and defenceless. Needs all the care and help it can get. Being a newly reverted Muslim lady is similar but not entirely the same. I have learned so much about life and my new religion but sticking to it has not been easy. Between parents who are anti-islam, siblings who don’t understand my choice, friends who turned into enemies, false friends, new friends, confusing information, I have learned through and through the value of my beautiful religion, the value of seeking truthful knowledge, the value of prayer , strong faith and trustworthy friends. I have struggled with illnesses and a surgery, and I had my muslim sisters and brothers with me. I’ve gone into a theatre room fearing I might not wake up, but Alhamdulillah, woken up 2 hours later saying the shahada and reciting The Qur’an, Subhaana Allah. I have once woken up in perfect shape but gone to bed in the evening very ill. I have once despaired of sustainance but Allah has provided through friends. I had once been degraded but re-found my dignity in Islam. My hijab, my salah, my muamalah with other people, my hayyah, my saum,my Rabb, my Prophet, my Deen, my Life.